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Mukutmanipur, largest earthen dam of India The vast bluish tract of water surrounded by the green forests and the hillocks comprise a picturesque and you cannot resist but continue clicking tireless so long your android gadget gives you warning of shrinking storage. 

An escape to serenity is what describes a place like Mukutmanipur – the second biggest earthen dam of Indi flawlessly. A weekend in these beautiful places is full of ultimate relaxation. Nature’s bounty grips you as you would find yourself surrounded by the hills, lush green forests and crystal clear lagoons.

With hills and forests surrounding a huge water body that changes its color in different seasons, Mukutmanipur is the right place for those who are looking for some adventure along with absolute relaxation. Nestling at the confluence of two beautiful rivers – Kumari and Kansavati, Mukutmanipur is located in Bankura district of West Bengal. This wonderful destination is also a favorite picnic spot, attracting hoards of picnic crowds. This serene place is also famous for housing the second largest water barrage across India that canalizes Kumari and Kansavati Rivers into the 3 districts of West Bengal – Midnapore (West), Purulia and Bankura to facilitate irrigation of 8,000 square kilometers during the scorching summer.

If you thinking how to reach mukutmanipur here it is. If you travel in flight then Kolkata Airport (Dumdum) is the nearest airport. Then You have to take bus or hire a taxi to reach Howrah Railway Station.From there you will find trains are available to the nearest Railhead Bankura Station.From Bankura lots of Public Buses are available for Mukutmanipur via Khatra. Take a toto or bus to reach Bankura Bus Stand. Then you will find buses to go to Mukutmanipur. Available trains and Buses are listed Below.

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Mukutmanipur at a Glance

Area6,882(R) sq. km.
Density of Population332 per sq. km.
LocationMukutmanipur, District Bankura on the rivers Kangsabati and Kumari about 3.2 km. upstream of their confluence.
CurrencyIndian Rupee
Summer and Winter (Temperature)Summer: 30° – 42° Celsius
Winter: 11° – 6° Celsius
Average Rainfall1463 mm
VisibilityClear up to 300mm

Mukutmanipur at a Glance

Main River Kangshabati & Kumari
Accommodation 10+ Hotels & Resorts
Type of Dam Earthen Gravity Dam with Concrete Saddle Spillway
Catchment Area 3625 sq. km (1400 sq. Miles)
Length of Dam 11.27 km. (7 Miles) including Dyke & Hillock
Total Irrigable Area (CCA) Kharif – 340752 ha. (8,42,000 acre) Rabi – 60704 ha (1,50,000 acre)
Maximum Irrigation Achieved Kharif – 274,940 ha (6,79,100 acre) Rabi – 45,593 ha (112,614 acre) Boro – 27,944 ha (69,022 acre)