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Jhilimili 12 Mile Forest

Jhilimili 12 Mile Forest

Approx. 35km from Mukutmanipur

Jhilimili forest is a very famous destination for nature lovers. After entering the “Baro Mile-er Jungle” the greenery will increase both side of the road and the road is also enjoyable for bikeriders. One will find 3 view points on the right side. From these view points the vast hilly terrain with its lush green forest will be visible. The jungle of Sal with its fresh breeze will make you feel lost in it.

You will be happy to have a talk with king sized trees like Sal, Mahua, Shimul etc. Don’t miss the chance to see live painting sessions by plenty of butterflies in nature’s canvas. Monsoon comes here in lively green attire. Relive your childhood with rain dancing with the Monsoon’s beat. There is also a particular road for elephants across the jungle.

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