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Sutan Forest

Sutan Forest

Approx. 45km from Mukutmanipur

Besides Sutan is another beautiful village with shades of sal, piyal, mahua, palash, shimul etc. This is also the homeland of the tribals. It is an ideal place to spend a short leave from Mukutmanipur. The surrounding is calm and peaceful with hillocks and becomes charming and colorful with palash and krishnachura flowers in the day time and the enchanting tune of madal played by the villagers at night.

Here the forest is rich with different species of fauna and distinctive flowers and seasonal birds. To be the cherry on the cake, a vibrant peacock may come into your sight for a golden glance. Not only tourists, bike riders also live their moments while passing the road through the jungle as it feels like hilly terrain. This virgin forest is connected with the Dalma forest range via Dooarsini and looks like Southern Dooars for its unspoiled luxurious greenery.

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