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Talberia Lake

Talberia lake near Mukutmanipur is surrounded by greenery all over, the cold breeze freshens up the mood. One can also find monkeys on the branches of trees chattering. It can be visited as a sightseeing spot near Jhilimili. A small lake surrounded by deep forest. This will surely give you some peace with its serene …

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Sutan Forest

Approx. 45km from Mukutmanipur Besides Sutan is another beautiful village with shades of sal, piyal, mahua, palash, shimul etc. This is also the homeland of the tribals. It is an ideal place to spend a short leave from Mukutmanipur. The surrounding is calm and peaceful with hillocks and becomes charming and colorful with palash and …

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Jhilimili 12 Mile Forest

Approx. 35km from Mukutmanipur Jhilimili forest is a very famous destination for nature lovers. After entering the “Baro Mile-er Jungle” the greenery will increase both side of the road and the road is also enjoyable for bikeriders. One will find 3 view points on the right side. From these view points the vast hilly terrain …

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Ambikanagar Temple

Ambikanagar Temple , situated in Ambikanagar village is the place where Goddess Durga is being worshipped as Maa Ambika for last 700 years. According to local people, Maa Ambika is very much alive. Let’s make your ‘Durga puja’ an unique one this year with the raw fragrance of ancient rituals at Ambikanagar Temple. Far away from …

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