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Local Sightseeing of Mukutmanipur

Other Places of Interest

Wonderful Sunrise & Sunset Points

The view of Mukutmanipur in the evening when its close..

Ambikanagar Temple

Ambikanagar Temple , situated in Ambikanagar village is the..

Sutan Forest

Besides Sutan is another beautiful village with shades of sal, piyal, mahua..

Jhilimili 12 Mile Forest

Jhilimili forest is a very famous destination for nature lovers.

Talberia Lake

Talberia lake near Mukutmanipur is surrounded by greenery all over..

Added Attractions

Mukutmanipur Mela

Winter comes here wrapping the freshness of festivities. Chilly January welcomes ‘Mukutmanipur Loksanskriti Mela’ with great joy.

Bardi Pahar & Sobuj Dwip

Bardi Pahar and Sobuj Dwip are two islands on the bank of Kangsabati River. On the one side bardi pahar is situated with a small hillock and a terrain area.

Bishnupur - The temple city

Bishnupur, the temple town in the Bankura district of West Bengal is welcoming you with its lavish heritage, proud culture, brilliant architecture and tales of terracotta.

Nearby Attractions

Susunia Hill

Susunia Hill is located in Chatna subdivision of Bankura district of West Bengal. The lash green hill is famous for rich flora, fauna and medicinal plants.

Biharinath Hill

Biharinath Hill resides at a distance of 57 km from Bankura district and 24 km from Raniganj. It is considered that the hill is a witness of old Jain culture.

Ajodhya Hill

Ajodhya Hills, is a small plateau with hilly surroundings located in the Purulia district of the state West Bengal, India.

Gurrasini Hill

Stone has always been in short supply in the vast flood plains of Bengal. Hence the architects had to restore to other substitute.